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If you have the LED Music Click Clock from Gingko Electronics, you can throw out a lot of junk that’s cluttering up your desk or bedside table. The Music Click Clock is housed in a clean-cut wooden casing with an oak wood finish. It houses everything from your digital clock and alarm to a wireless Bluetooth speaker to play audio and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls from the comfort of your bed. It will display the date, time and day of the week at the click of your fingers, or you can set it on permanent display too. You can stream stereo output from just about any device, and you can speak straight into the Click Clock’s mic when you get a call.

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Housed in sleek wooden casing, the natural-looking Bluetooth Music Click Clock is your perfect bedside or desk accessory. This neat little cuboid display displays the time and date at the click of your fingers and crams in a myriad of other useful features. It’s no slouch when it comes to sound quality, with a 6 watts of stereo output from 2 high fidelity audio drivers and passive subwoofers, you can really give your music, games and movies some oomph. Keep your surroundings cable-free and stream your audio via any Bluethooth device.

Best of all, the in-built microphone lets you enjoy blissful hands-free calls from the comfort of your delectably warm bed.

Music Click Clock Product Details

  • Origin – UK
  • Color – Black,Blue
  • Material – ABS
–  10 meters Bluetooth range
–  compatible with most Bluetooth devices such as; iPhone, Ipod, Ipad, Samsung, HTC, PC/Mac, Laptops and Notebooks
–  3.5mm stereo AUX input for non Bluetooth devices
–  6 watts of stereo output from 2 high fedelity audi drivers and passive subwoofers.
–  built-in microphone
–  three different alarms setting with clever function
–  5 / 7 days alarm settings
–  sound reactive LED display or permanent display
–  100 years calender –  built-in memory battery
–  powered by 6V-1000mA AC/DC adapter (included)
–  material:  timber wood with black wood finish
–  LED display colour: smart blue –  product size: L 200 x D 100 x H 70mm
–  product weight: 1000g