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Whatever your opinion of Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy, the Bat-vehicles of the series had an undeniable coolness. Seemingly practical and fantastical all at once, the Tumbler in particular invoked great envy in a number of fans. Where once owning a Tumbler of our own may have been nothing more than a pipe dream, Soap Studio has shrunk down the tactical transport to a more manageable size, in regards to both storage and, more importantly, price.

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Shipped directly from – Hong Kong

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Honor the Dark Knight Trilogy with this impeccable, fully-running 1/12-scale Dark Knight RC model of the Tumbler. Culled from Christopher Nolan’s incredible films, this Tumbler can be fully controlled from your iOS or Android phone. Soap Studio spared no effort in making your experience true to the films: the interface of each of their app interfaces — which run the car but also control the cockpit and spoiler movements — are tailor-made to resemble the Tumbler’s. Super bright LEDs are employed along with engine sounds for added oomph when driving. A night vision camera shoots photo and video, while its 26 points of articulation make for a truly remarkable look. Made from around 600 separate components, this instant collectible will be the new capstone of your collection.

Dark Knight RC Details

  • Measurement – 14.57″L x 9.45″W x 9.45″H
  • Origin – Hong Kong
  • Materials – ABS
  • Colors – Black

— Size Ratio: 1:12
— Controlled By iOS Or Android App Via Wifi
— Cover Distance: 25 Meters
— App-Controlled Cockpit Door Opens + Closes
— 11 x Cockpit LED Light-Up Function With Sound Effects
— Adjustable 480p Night Vision Camera, First Person Vision Via Mobile App
— Path Recording + Replay Function
— Camera For Photo + Video Recording
— Voice Intercom Function
— Remote-Controlled Spoiler’s Movements
— Driving Mode App Interface Modeled After Tumbler Driving Board in Movie
— Attack Mode App Interface Modeled After Driving Board Display
— App Controllable Jet-Power Mode Boosts Up Speed By 30%
— Red + Blue LED Light
— Jet-Power Sound Effects
— 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery
— 40 Minutes Recharging Time
— Up to 1.5 Hours Play Time
— 25 High Power LED Lights Total
— Made With Approximately 600 Components
— Car Dimensions: 14.57″L x 9.45″W x 9.45″H
— Bonus 2 Batteries & 1 Set Rear Tires
— Does Not Include Batman Figure, Batarang Or Display Stage