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At Ø 1.8 m, the double Cacoon hanging chair is for two adults stretched out or blissed out!
And if the kids must… imagine a joey in a kangaroo’s pouch – now see your kids in a Cacoon.
Throw in a couple of teddies and… heaven!

Expected delivery – in 2-3 weeks

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Wherever you take your Hanging Chair, it’ll withstand the elements; wind and rain, sun and sea. Its high quality natural canvas and weather-proof colors will resist all you can throw their way. Each Cacoon is even treated for anti-mold, UV protection and water resistance.

It’s been tested and hung in every type of environment — in the garden; on a hike; in the woods; by the coast; in the office; sports and leisure centers; bedrooms and dens; hotels and adventure playgrounds. Just about everywhere Hang In Out could think of — inside and out.


Husband and wife team, Nick and Sarah own Hang In Out and invented the Cacoon. Their background is in designing and making sails for ocean-going yachts. They’re also experts in architectural fabric and textile technology for onshore structures.

Nick, who started out as a fine furniture maker, is no stranger to creating unique tensile structures with fabric. He’s worked on projects like The Eden Project and the Alpine House at Kew Gardens. He was commissioned to find a new concept in a post-treatment relaxation chair or hammock by ‘The Scarlet’, luxury Spa Hotel in Cornwall, and the rest is history.

Hanging Chair Details :

  • Measurement – 26″L x 4.72″W x 12.6″H
  • Material – Polyester + Cotton + Aluminum
  • Origin – France

— 1 Cacoon
— 1 4m Hanging Rope w/Steel Carabiner
— 8 Aluminium Cacoon Ring Sections
— 1 Cacoon Carry Bag

Weight Limit:
— Single: 200kg / 440lbs