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This set of lenses includes the Blips Macro, ideal for close-up photographs of small subjects, and Blips Micro, a first step in the world of microscopy. A versatile solution, suitable for everyone!

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Shipped directly from – Italy

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The BLIPS Basic Kit is a unique set of mini-objectives for smartphones and tablets that allows you to explore the micro-world. Easy to use for technical investigations, or just for fun, these ultra-portable lenses are so slim they can stay on your phone, or slide into your pocket or wallet. Just pop them over your phone’s camera lens, and you have a functional HD microscope on hand, anywhere you go.

BLIPS has been developed within the neuroscience labs of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, exploiting the materials and the methods used for the manufacturing of micro devices for the investigation of neuronal networks. Although it was born in a research lab, it has been designed for mass production from the very beginning. There are three types BLIPS lenses, with Macro, Micro, and Ultra offering ascending levels of magnification, based on your needs.

You can even cut the film using scissors, shaping BLIPS as you prefer. The two sticky bands are meant to enhance adherence onto non-polished surfaces, so the lens will always stick on the glass when the surface is clean.

This version also includes a custom metal box to organize any carry everything.

Blips Basic Kit Details

  • Origin – Italy

— 1 Macro Lens
— 1 Micro Lens
— 2 Sponges
— Adhesive Tape
— Metal Carrying Case