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ALEX posture is your personal posture coach tracker. It is the first wearable that accurately measure the angle of your head and neck and gently reminds you when your posture is incorrect.

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Alex posture will help you put an end to the neck and shoulder pain by correcting poor posture habits that built up over time. It is the first wearable which accurately measures the position of your head the angle of your neck, putting an end to the neck pain.

Approximately more than 80% of office workers are suffering from Forward Head Posture (FHP) or Text Neck. (Just look around.) These conditions are usually caused by looking down at smartphones, laptops and other digital devices for long periods. Even if you are not aware of FHP or Text Neck, you probably know their effects: stiffness and soreness in your neck and spine.

Better Posture leads to Better Life –

1) You know what good posture feels like: Set the custom ‘poor posture angle’ in the app and ALEX posture will alert you when you slip below it.
2) Find Your Fit: You can adjust ALEX to fit your neck with its adjustable legs
3) Stat-Tracking: Check and compare your stats and streaks with yourself and friends. The ALEX app generates a real-time report based on your posture habits throughout the day.

Alex Posture Product Details

  • Material – Class Vi Medical Grade Silicone
  • Measurement – 3″L x 3″W x 11″H
  • Beat the neck and back pain – ALEX accurately measures your head position and neck angle to prevent ‘text neck’
  • ALEX gently vibrates when you get into poor posture, coaching you towards perfect pain-free posture
  • ALEX is a discreet and sleek wearable that sits comfortably around the back of your neck
  • ALEX tracks your progress over the time and monitors your posture in real time through its mobile app
  • Longer battery life – Battery on ALEX lasts up to seven days without recharging